The vineyard in Mendoza

La Finca Andesina

The Ranch in Rivadavia

Den argentinske plantage

Le vignoble en Argentine


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-50 kilometers south east of Mendoza City, -20 kilometers from San Martin, --6 kilometers outside Rivadavia

The vineyard -

 46 hectares in total, with 10 hectares of vineyard -

 Bonarda from 1997, furhtermore 90  olives, peaches, plums, apples....


Pictures from the garden (more garden-pictures press here)
Pictures from the main house (more house-pictures press here)
Pictures of the olives, the plums, the peaches and other fruittrees (more three-pictures press here)
Pictures of other houses and productionbuildings on the property (more buildings-pictures press here)
Pictures of people and animals  working on the farm (more employees-pictures press here)
Pictures of the surroundings- more surrounding-pictures press here)
Pictures of the vineyards (more vineyard-pictures press here)
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