The vineyard in Mendoza

La Finca Andesina

The Ranch in Rivadavia

Den argentinske plantage

Le vignoble en Argentine


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-50 kilometers south east of Mendoza City, -20 kilometers from San Martin, --6 kilometers outside Rivadavia

The vineyard -

Casco Estancia (core of an Estancia) from the end of the 19. century, original with 3500 hectares.  

Siutated close to the city Rivadavia in Mendoza, in Reducción del Medio, Ruta Gaviola y Ruta No. 62.

 Renovated main house with 350 squaremeters,  9 bedrooms, with parque, 46 hectares in total, with 10 hectares of vineyard -

 Bonarda from 1997, furhtermore 90  olives, peaches, plums, apples....


Pictures from the garden (more garden-pictures press here)
Pictures from the main house (more house-pictures press here)
Pictures of the olives, the plums, the peaches and other fruittrees (more three-pictures press here)
Pictures of the vineyards (more vineyard-pictures press here)
Pictures of the surroundings- more surrounding-pictures press here)
Pictures of people and animals  working on the farm (more employees-pictures press here)
A Great Vineyard


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